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Computer and Data Security

Computer SecuritySecuring your computer software, hardware and valuable data is fundamental in today’s climate. Statistics have shown that around 50% of businesses / organisations in the UK will be burgled this year alone and of those, 70% are likely to be re-burgled within a few months!

The average cost of a computer theft is approximately £25,000 but what cost do you put on the hassle? Almost 70% of businesses that lose their main computing facilities for more than one week fail within 18 months. These are not simply scare stories but statistical facts - everyone is at risk!

However with a little thought and modest expenditure there are many things you can do to minimise the threat.

Installing security measures in a layered approach will normally prove the most cost effective option. Each layer may be designed to delay or detect the thief, to reduce the value of the items stolen, or even to increase the risk of the thief being caught whilst trying to dispose of the goods.

iMac Secure Technology
Your MAC computers may be attractive and powerful, but be warned, they are also highly desirable to thieves who have a ready and lucrative market for them.

DSI recommend Insight's stylish and practical range of MAC security products that include Straps & Enclosures, Discreet Lock Down Plates and special CAB-L-OCK systems that are not only practical and effective, but have also been designed to blend with the aesthetics of your equipment.